Yoobao will join Tmall O2O to improve the new experience of down down consumption

——The twenty-second China International down fair and the successful closing of the 2016 Tmall down Carnival

In December 12th, the twenty-second China International down fair and the 2016 Tmall down Carnival fell to the curtain in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. The 4 - day exhibition has received high attention from the industry and attracted tens of thousands of consumers in Hangzhou and Shaoxing, with a total retail volume of 4 million yuan. At the same time, Tmall's down home textile has also made remarkable achievements. From the incomplete statistics of the association, the sales of feather sheet products is up to 10 million during the Yoobao period, up by 40% compared with the same period last year.

Yoobao teamed up with Tmall to help the industry three strategy

Founded 22 years Yoobao has become the industry leader China down this year, and Tmall home furnishings cooperation, with "Amoy panic buying natural material traceability" series of activities, to carry out online and offline interaction, help Tmall double 12. Yoobao will take down industry "three" strategy as the core, in close cooperation with the outstanding online and offline, emphasize authentic licensed, the industry recommends, feather products professional manufacturers, the introduction of genuine goods at a fair price to consumers, for outstanding manufacturers and brand publicity, push down products market, especially the popularization of down bedding.

This Yoobao will attract 51 industry backbone enterprises to participate in the exhibition, including 15 down clothing brands, 29 down feather bedding brands, and some down related equipment manufacturers and testing institutions also participated in the exhibition. The product is rich, covering down men's, women's and children's clothing, quilt, pillow, cushion, sets, Home Furnishing shoes, and feather products, raw materials, fabric washing equipment, washing, filling machine, testing equipment, to provide one-stop procurement services for the consumer and industry insiders.

Source: author of the China feather Industry Association

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