Wuchuan city declared "Guangdong province feather and down industry famous brand creation demonstrat


In August 12th, Guangdong Province, the quality of the province work leading group issued "Guangdong Province Quality Work Leading Group Office of Guangzhou to Beijing Road culture core zone 11 area to build the famous brand of Guangdong Province demonstration area to create" letter "(Guangdong Province letter [2016] No. 24) file, the audit by the Wuchuan Municipal People's government to build" Guangdong Province, feather industry well-known brands to create a demonstration area for. Wuchuan will complete the whole preparation work in two years, and strive to create a demonstration area successfully.

It is reported that the application of "famous brand of Guangdong province to create demonstration zone" (hereinafter referred to as the "demonstration zone") shall meet the quality of solid foundation, strong policy support, industry coordination, quality, brand building effective and obvious progress in public good environment, the development of distinctive features such as reporting.

Guangdong will give the following encouraging policies to the successful demonstration area:

(1) the backbone enterprises in the famous brand establishment demonstration areas above the provincial level should be tilted appropriately when they select the "Guangdong provincial government quality award" and the Guangdong famous brand products (industry), and support their brand building activities.

(two) priority should be given to promoting advanced performance management and other advanced quality management methods in the demonstration area, carrying out quality personnel training, quality management benchmarking and quality management communication activities.

(three) to give priority to the recommendation of the backbone enterprises and technical support institutions in the demonstration areas as the national and provincial "base for the social practice of quality education for primary and secondary schools";

(four) support the construction of the technical testing platform for the development of the service pillar industry.

(five) priority should be placed in the key enterprises and brands in the demonstration area, and the key enterprises and famous brands in the demonstration area must be protected strictly by law enforcement.

(six) give priority support to the standard revision projects and standardized pilot projects put forward by the enterprises in the demonstration area, and draw up the participation units for the provincial standard according to the actual needs, and recommend the national level standard drafting units to the higher authorities.

Wuchuan is rich in feather resources, and its feather industry has a long history as a major characteristic industry in Wuchuan. The Wuchuan down industry is famous for its abundant raw materials, large fluffy and high fluffiness, and strong down processing strength. In 2005, Wuchuan was awarded the honorary title of "China down town" by the China Light Industry Federation and the China down industry association.

Source: author of the China feather Industry Association

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