The talent training base of the Wuchuan down industry is unveiled


The talent training base of the Wuchuan down industry is unveiled

News photography news reporter Ceng Chaoyan reported: in June 2nd, the city of feather industry training base was established in Guangdong Fulida feather products Co. Ltd. inaugurated, marking the development of our city industry down to a new step. Deputy director of the Zhanjiang Municipal People's Congress, Cao Xing of secretary of municipal Party committee, Municipal Standing Committee, ministers of the organization Huang Zhendou, deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress Lan Xiong Tang Wei Zheng, street committee secretary Zhang Geliang, deputy secretary of municipal Party Committee Organization Department, director Lu Lao Gan Kai, President of the Municipal Association of down Chen Wenjian, general manager of Guangdong Fulida down products Co., Ltd. Li Guanshou, City Council by letter, industry and Commerce Lian, feather Association entrepreneurs attended the opening ceremony.


The picture is the unveiling of the talent training base of the city down industry.

The figure is 80 thousand yuan for the construction of the training base for the down down industry.

As I down to Cao Xing industry bigger and stronger.

The picture is Huang Zhen sinus speech.

The picture is Chen Wenjian's speech.

The picture shows the workshop visit Fulida feather products Co. ltd..

Cao Xing, Huang Zhendou, Zheng Lanxiong, Lv Kai, Chen Wenjian, Li Guanshou have been set up for the talent training base of the city down industry. On behalf of the Municipal Organization Department, Huang Zhendou sent 80 thousand yuan to the down industry training base for down down industry for the city down society.

Cao Xing was founded on the feather industry training base of the message I congratulate, eider down industry bigger and stronger, make the brand effect, develop better and better. Huang Zhendou said, in the industrial upgrading and transformation as an opportunity to the city at all levels of the relevant units and enterprises to "project" down, down industry talents in Wuchuan city to carry out as the carrier, the feather industry training base inaugurated as the new starting point, strive to promote the feather industry personnel work to a new level of a new level. Chen Wenjian, President of the city down society and the general manager of the Zhanjiang purple Bauhinia feather and down products Co., Ltd. made a speech. Subsequently, the participants to the multifunctional training room training base, visit the workshop and Fulida feather products Co. ltd..

It is reported that as one of the three largest down production bases in China, the down industry has been playing an important role in the economy of our city. In 2014, the output value of the down industry in the city was 4 billion 100 million yuan, accounting for 22% of the total industrial output value of the city. It is reported that the city actively strive for the provincial Party Committee Organization Department personnel sail plan to support the project, to declare the success of the "project" feather industry talents in Wuchuan, plans to use a year's time, to introduce students related majors of 10 feather industry or senior technical personnel, cultivating 200 primary and intermediate title feather industry professional and technical personnel 3000, training objectives and tasks for feather industry backbone technology workers. The successful opening of the talent training base of the down industry industry is of great practical significance for the successful completion of the goal and task of "Wuchuan's feather industry talents project", further accelerating the development of down and down talents and promoting the transformation and upgrading of down industry.


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